Pueblo D-70 Asks for Superintendent's Resignation

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The Pueblo District-70 Board of Education has asked Superintendent Stuart Yager to resign. The request comes after Yager was arrested for a drunk driving incident last month. His daughter and another girl were injured in the accident.

After three weeks of research and legal advice, the D-70 board decided to ask Yager for his resignation following a four hour meeting Friday morning. Now, they wait for a decision from the embattled superintendent.

Yager and his lawyer also met with the board. "We presented information hopefully that will be helpful in the board making their decision. I would assume that they would do their own independent review based upon the information we got and other sources they have," said Randall Jorgensen, Yager's Attorney. Yager left the meeting quickly without making a comment.

When asked what the board would do if Yager refuses to resign, school board director Debbie Rose answered the question with a question. "What would any employer do if that resignation does not come forward?"

The board says no decisions have been made about buying out the remainder of Yager's contract. Board members say he has served the district well---making this decision a hard one.

The board says it will try to get an interim superintendent on board as soon as possible. And board members say that person will have to fill-in for up to a year before a permanent replacement is found.