Cone Zone Dangers

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Construction crews across the state are mourning today, after a deadly accident yesterday along I-25, 30 miles south of Pueblo. It’s the reminder that construction workers risk their lives everyday.

"You wouldn't want me speeding through your office, so don't come speeding through my work zone," Jim Wall said. He used to be a flagger, standing in the middle of traffic, telling drivers to slow down. He said, as a supervisor, there are still times when he fears for his life. "…When semis come down on us."

In fact, Jim remembers when 6 years ago, he almost got hit. "A car drove into barrel next to me and I jumped back." His near-miss story is similar to countless other construction workers.

Just south of the Nevada exit, the speed limit is 40 miles an hour. Using our radar gun, we clocked one driver going 56 miles an hour and another traveling at 54 miles an hour. “We have a number of accidents in the Rockrimmon/Nevada area. People are following too close or speeding,” Bill Badger with COSMIX said.

In the past year, there have been 89 accidents in the COSMIX zone. In 2004 statewide, there were nearly 1,900 car accidents in construction zones. 14 people died. Remember, speeding fines are doubled in construction zones. Going 10 miles over the limit will cost you $200.