Escalator Accident

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Inspectors have opened an investigation to determine why a three-story high escalator at Coors Field suddenly threw screaming baseball fans on top of each other Wednesday night.

At least 32 people were injured. Nine people remain hospitalized. Their conditions and hometowns are unknown. Assistant Denver Fire Chief Larry Trujillo says most of the injuries are fractures, cuts and bruises. None appear to be critical.

The escalator was carrying baseball fans from the upper level of Coors Field down to the street when witnesses say it suddenly accelerated.

Rockies vice president of baseball operations Kevin Kahn confirms the accident was the second involving an escalator at Coors Field within the past few weeks.

All seven escalators at the stadium will remain closed during
Thursday night's game with the Arizona Diamondbacks, and the fireworks show that follows.

Denver building department inspectors arrived on the scene about
10:50 Thursday morning to help search for the cause of the malfunction. Trujillo says fire department officials could find nothing
obvious to indicate what caused the accident.

Another escalator stopped abruptly during a game May 24th. Twelve people suffered minor injuries. The cause of that incident hasn't been determined either.