Hefley Will Not Run

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Representative Joel Hefley says he will not enter the race for the Fifth Congressional District Seat, despite speculation he would do so as a write-in candidate. But the news Hefley was even considering a run at an 11th term in office is sparking reaction from both remaining candidates. On August 8, Senator Doug Lamborn defeated Jeff Crank in the 6-way Republican Primary for the Fifth Congressional Seat-- the margin of victory, 892 votes. Outgoing Representative Joel Hefely who endorsed Crank, says the results are disappointing, though Hefley's press secretary Jenny Walberg says Hefley only briefly considered running again.
"He's very flattered by the attention and support," said Walberg, "But he believes it's best not to run."
And says Colorado College Political Science Professor Bob Loevy, had Hefley entered the race as a write-in candidate it could have split the republican vote down the middle. That he says would in turn increase the chances of a democratic win.
"It would have been very hard for republicans to hold this seat," said Loevy,"Even though this is a very republican district."
The fact Hefley even considered running is good news to democratic candidate Jay Fawcett. While Hefley's camp is not officially endorsing Fawcett, he says in this case, Hefley's actions speak louder than words.
"It shows me he's concerned about the candidate that's being put up in opposition of me," said Fawcett.
But Senator Lamborn says his win in the primary election also speaks for itself. Lamborn says while he's disappointed Hefley isn't endorsing him, he says he isn't lacking in endorsements.
"Remember," said Lamborn, "President Bush endorses me."
But when it comes to winning this campaign, Loevy says he doesn't think it will come down to endorsements at all.
"Party identification I think, is going to count the most here."