Polygamist Leader Captured In Las Vegas

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LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Fifty-thousand dollars in cash, laptop computers and wigs -- they're among the items authorities say they found in the car of a polygamist leader who'd been on the F-B-I's Most Wanted list.

But they say no guns turned up when Warren Jeffs was pulled over on a routine traffic stop near Las Vegas.

Jeffs is facing sexual misconduct charges in neighboring Utah and Arizona, where he allegedly arranged for older men to marry underage girls.

According to the F-B-I, one of Jeffs' estimated 40 wives was with him in the car, along with his brother. They were questioned and released.

Jeffs leads an estimated ten-thousand followers of a sect that believes in multiple marriages. He took over when his father died, and also made most of his father's wives his own.

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