Hurricane Katrina: One Year Later

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The devastation of Hurricane Katrina changed many lives including a family close to us here at KKTV.

Our news producer Jen Holliman moved here with her husband and daughter from Mississippi after living through one of the most devastating natural disasters this country has ever seen.

Stephanie Ross has her story.

It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining and Jen Holliman and her daughter Kiley are smiling but one year ago, the family was going through a terrifying ordeal.

"We were singing songs over and over, trying to entertain her, because the walls were shaking."

The Holliman family had decided to ride out the storm of the Century but the constant pounding of Hurricane Katrina took its toll.

"It was pretty rough."

Jen was terrified for the safety of her young daughter and she swore that she and her family would leave when it was all over.

"I said that if our house is gone, we're going to pack up and move with whatever we had left, because I'm not ever doing this again."

And after seeing everything they loved about their hometown destroyed.

"Everything was gone; every place we loved to go was gone."

She kept her promise.

"We packed up everything we had, we used our FEMA and Red Cross money, and we moved."

To Colorado Springs where Jen started working here at 11 News.

"I kind of feel guilty that we're here, that we're happy."

And a year later it's all smiles but their thoughts are with those who are still struggling to put the pieces back together.

"People just think it's a year later, things are back to normal and they're not."