Construction Slow-downs

Traffic tie-ups on I-25 just got worse in Colorado Springs. Commuters are dealing with more detours than ever due to the COSMIX construction project.

One new closure is the northbound on and off-ramps to Rockrimmon. They'll be closed for the next three to five weeks ... Plus, there's a lane shift on the interstate.

Southbound I-25 traffic between Woodmen and Garden of the Gods is actually traveling on the future southbound frontage road. While northbound traffic is moving along the old southbound lanes. Both on-ramps to north Nevada avenue are closed until Friday.

Many commuters are tired of sitting in traffic, while others say they're learning to deal with it. "You just deal with it, you know? You try and beat the rush hour... Try to leave a little earlier if you got to go up to Denver. It's kind-of a way of life now," said one Colorado Springs driver.

COSMIX officials say some relief is coming. The ramps to North Nevada will re-open on Friday. By the middle part of September, a third lane will be added to the interstate from Garden of the Gods to Woodmen on the northbound side. There will also be a third lane between Woodmen and Academy.