Boulder DA Speaks Out About JonBenet Ramsey Investigation

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District Attorney Mary Lacy is defending her decision to bring John Mark Karr back from Thailand to be investigated in the 1996 slaying of JonBenet Ramsey.

She says she wouldn't change a thing about how she approached the investigation. Lacy says she should be held accountable for the move, saying it a day after she dropped the case against the 41-year-old schoolteacher.

Karr said after his arrest in Thailand earlier this month that he was with JonBenet at the time of her slaying in 1996, which he called an accident.

Prosecutors acknowledge they had NO concrete evidence against Karr, except for hundreds of pages of e-mail conversations with a Colorado professor.

But Lacy says authorities were NOT able to confirm that he was NOT in Boulder at the time of the slaying.

Lacy also says they could not ignore Karr's graphic, detailed claims about the murder, and QUOTE "had to follow it."