New Name for Pueblo's Only University

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It's the beginning of a new era for Pueblo's only university. As of July 1, it has a new name and a new attitude. The University of Southern Colorado is now Colorado State University-Pueblo.

Just over a year ago, Gov. Bill Owens signed legislation approving the name change. It has been in the works, ever since.

Along with the name change comes a 10.5% hike in tuition and slightly higher admission standards. The school also has a closer working relationship with CSU's main campus in Fort Collins. That's a plus for students, too, especially those who want to transfer between the two schools.

The university has been slowly losing students for several years. Administrators are hoping the name change will reverse that trend. "I think since CSU is well respected and a great reputation, prospective students are looking at us as an option for their higher education," says CSU-Pueblo's Cora Zaletel.

In fact, enrollment projections for the fall are up over last year. And students will see a change when they arrive at the end of August. CSU-Pueblo is planning a big celebration for the Fourth of July---complete with a fireworks show.