Car Insurance Changes

Colorado's car insurance laws are changing, which could lower your rates.

Beginning July 1st, the state will revert to using torte law. The change comes after the state's no fault insurance statute expired without state legislators making a move.

In Colorado, drivers are currently required to carry $130,000 of personal injury protection. That, according to auto insurance companies is what make car insurance so expensive.

When the torte law goes into effect drivers will be able to determine how much medical coverage they need.

Under the new law, most drivers will see a drop in their rates, but, it's a good idea to check with your agent to find out exactly how much. Most will see about a 20% drop. The amount you save will depend on the amount you currently carry.

Now, drivers who own their own car will only be required to have bodily injury liability coverage and property liability coverage. If your car is still financed, you'll probably be required to add collision coverage and comprehensive coverage.

A good rule of thumb, according to insurance experts, is carry enough insurance to cover yourself in case you're at fault during an accident and the other driver sues you.

It's also a good idea to know your health insurance coverage. If injuries received in a car accident aren't covered, you'll want to make sure that's on your car insurance policy.