Man Mauled by Tigers


A man is mauled by two tigers as he entered their cage to feed them at a local big cats sanctuary.

The man is an employee at the Big Cats of Serenity Springs located between Peyton and Calhan just south of Highway 24.

Around 11:00 Sunday morning neighbor Evelyn Hart says she heard screaming coming from the sanctuary. Then, just minutes later she says she saw emergency crews arrive.

Michele Grant was one of the first medical personnel on the scene. She says everyone there seemed nervous, but in control. The man was then transported to a Colorado Springs hospital by ambulance.

The attorney for Big Cats of Serenity Springs tells 11 News the man will be fine. He suffered slight lacerations and puncture wounds, but they are not life threatening. The attorney says the man was in the cage with another person when the attack happened. But, that the tiger had seemed agitated before the attack.

Evelyn Hart says she recalls hearing what sounded like four gunshots shortly after the man was taken away in the ambulance.

Big Cats' attorney says he doesn't know if the cats were destroyed after the attack.

The owner's of the non-profit organization declined to comment on the incident.

The employee's name has not been released.

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office is not investigating the incident because, they say, no laws were broken.