BBQ Tips

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Many people like to barbeque on the 4th of July, but how do you know how to find the best meat, and the best way to prepare it? 11 News has some tips.

The 4th of July is just days away, and it's the most popular day of the year for cooking out on the grill.

Ranch Foods Direct is a good place to go here in Colorado Springs to find some of the best cuts of meat. Owner Mike Callicrate suggests Ribeyes, T-Bones, Kansas City Strips, a roast cut or tenderloin, as well as good old ground chuck. He says look for good red, but don't be put off by brown because meat loses its color in the light of the meat counter.

Callicrate says his establishment only sells beef using the cold rinse process. That means, the blood is drained and the cuts are aged at least 14-21 days for tenderness.

It's best in a cut of beef to have a good balance of lean and fat. The biggest mistake you can make, says Callicrate, is try to get a good meal out of the lowest priced meat.

When it comes to flavor, a good way to bring it out of the meat is to use sea salt and seasoning that doesn't contain MSG.

Another barbeque favorite, ribs can also be ruined if you don't follow one simple piece of advice from Rick Brown of BBQ Philosophy. He says to make sure you don't put sauce on untill the last five minutes of cooking. Rick also suggests being experimental, and trying different sauces.

For most people cleanup is probably their least favorite part of any type of cooking. For your barbeque, Rich says not to buy an expensive copper brush. A wadded up piece of tinfoil and your tongs will do the trick just fine. Then turn on the grill, and burn the rest off.