Troop Arrival Possibly Delayed

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In 2007 the first of thousands of Fourth Infantry Division soldiers will start arriving at their new post, Fort Carson.

But getting all of them here will likely take longer than originally planned.

Fort Carson expected about to hold 25 thousand soldiers by 2008. That includes 4th ID troops relocating from their headquarters of Fort Hood, Texas.

That could be pushed back to 2009.

Military sources we spoke with describe it as fluid flexibility.

Based on the army's requirements for troops to fight the war on terror, schedules get we've seen recently, with the possibility of a quick re-deployment for Fort Carson's Third Heavy Brigade Combat Team.

"This is just another one of those areas where because of changes in the army's overall plans, that some unit movements may shift," said Brian Binn, President of Military Affairs for the Chamber of Colorado Springs.

The first of the 4th ID soldiers are expected to show up even earlier next spring than planned.

A military source close to fort hood also says, based on the parameters laid out by last year's base re-alignment and closure plan, troop shifts should be complete by 2011.

In which case, getting the soldiers the mountain post expects by 2009 is still ahead of the army's deadline.