No Broncos On T.V.?

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Bronco fans, listen up. If you planned on watching the Broncos take on the Houston Texans this weekend, you might not be able to see it. That's because the game is only being carried on the NFL Network.

You can only get the NFL Network if you have satellite t.v. or digital cable. So, by our estimates, about 50% of Broncos fans in Colorado Springs won't be watching this weekend’s game from home. Even worse, when the Broncos rival against the Chiefs on Thanksgiving night, fans will face the same situation.

Apparently, a Denver station is allowed to air the Bronco games from the NFL Network. Seth Palansky with the network said, “There are sydication right to participating team markets.” When KKTV tried to secure the game, it was not available in this market.

If you don't have digital cable, there's still time to get it, but it'll raise your cable bill by $11a month. The NFL Network said there is a small chance that Comcast will play the Thanksgiving game on regular cable, but those negotiations are still in the works.

You can still see many of this season's games KKTV. We'll be carrying 10 of the 16 Bronco games.