Mayors Conference

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Mayors from the nation's largest cities are gathered in Denver this weekend to discuss a variety of issues.

The coalition of mayors talked Sunday about the need for more funding to beef up homeland security. The plea came during a meeting with Michael Brown, undersecretary of Homeland Security. Currently, the federal governement gives security funding to states which, in turn, distribute it to cities. State governments are only able to keep about 20% of what the federal government gives out, the other 80% goes to individual cities.

Another major issue on the agenda this weekend, was homelessness. The coalition of the nation's mayors are considering a request from the Bush administration to endorse a 10 year plan aimed to end chronic homelessness. Housing and Urban Development Deputy Secretary Alphonso Jackson promised cities federal help in providing permanent housing and services.

The coalition plans to vote Monday on a resolution supporting the White House plan, which calls for 100 cities to submit plans to the
federal government by January.