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DENVER (AP) -- NORAD's Number 2 commander says some security issues remain in moving some staff and operations from Cheyenne Mountain. But Lieutenant General Eric Findley says they will be worked out within the 18 months it takes to move.

He said, "There are some force protection issues that have to be sorted out before we can combine everything in Building 2. Can it withstand an assault by tanks, probably not.

He said the building already has some defensive measures. They need to know how much more is needed.

In any case, all operations can be shifted back to Cheyenne Mountain within 40 minutes.

Findley spoke at annual conference of the Director of National Intelligence in Denver.

On July 28th, the military announced the mountain was being put on virtual standby and some key staff and operations would be moved eight miles to Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs. About 230 surveillance crew members of the 11-hundred people who work in the mountain would move.

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