Ex-Wife Talks About Karr

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A woman who married John Mark Karr when she was 13 years old says he had "fantasies about little girls."

Quientana Ray tells ABC's "Good Morning America" that Karr, now 41 and a suspect in the death of JonBenet Ramsey, spoke to her about his fantasies during the few months they were married. She says Karr abused her physically and emotionally.

"He had fantasies about little girls he would talk to me about, I mean not certain ones. He just mentioned it, you know, at close times between me and him, that was his fantasies that he would speak of," says Ray.

She also says she was "drugged and things were done to me" without her knowledge while she was Karr's wife.

Court records in Marion County, Alabama show Karr married Quientana Shotts in 1984, when she was 13 and he was 19. Shotts filed for an annulment the following year, complaining that she was "fearful for her life and safety." In a response filed with the court, Karr contested Shotts' age, saying she was in fact 14.

ABC interviewed Ray and her parents in New Orleans. She is now remarried and has a four-month-old child. Ray's father, Larry Shotts, says Karr spoke "about darkness a lot, about death."

Ray's mother, Melissa Shotts, says she recalls seeing `S-B-T-C' at the bottom of the letters Karr wrote to her daughter. Those initials also appeared at the bottom of the ransom letter that John and Patsy Ramsey told police in Boulder, Colorado, they found in their house when their daughter disappeared.

JonBenet's body was found in the basement of the Ramsey home on December 26th, 1996.