Gay Pride Day

After a turbulent year for the gay and lesbian community in Colorado Springs, thousands gathered Sunday to celebrate gay pride day.

Late last year, the Colorado Springs city council voted to add same sex benefits for city employees. But, in late April, the new council voted to take those benefits out of the budget.

Event organizers estimate 10,000 people turned out for Sunday's event. The crowd included both homosexuals, and heterosexuals.

Hundreds of people participated in the pride parade down Tejon Street.
They say they want people to know, they're just like everyone else.

Among the speakers at the celebration, councilman Richard Skorman. He discussed a variety of gay and lesbian issues, including same sex benefits for city employees. Despite the fact that city council voted the benefits out, they did support a proclamation praising the gay pride fest celebration. Supporters of the same sex benefits say, they believe it's a matter of money and they want to prove that.

A handful of protesters stood across the street from the celebration, saying homosexuality is immoral.

The gay pride festival comes just days after the U.S. Supreme Court made an historical, and controversial decision concerning gay rights. The court overturned a Texas law that made it illegal for gay couples to engage in sodomy. That ruling is now striking down laws in 13 states.