City Debates Storm Water Fees

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Instead of coming to agreement on a fee structure Tuesday, council is taking a step back to review what kind of fee to assess to cover millions of dollars in storm water improvements.

An original plan targeted non-porous surfaces like concrete and other material that doesn't absorb storm water, but simply rolls it into gutters and storm drains.

Residents would pay about five bucks a month for having those kinds of surfaces. Businesses, especially those with parking lots would pay a lot more.

After a bit of disagreement to that plan, council now is asking storm water engineers to develop a tiered fee structure that both suits the public and solves the problem.

"A new revenue stream is needed for us to take responsibility for storm water improvements, and I'm convinced our citizens will support it," said council member Margaret Radford.

Storm water engineers have a little more than a month to come up with a plan.

Council wants it by their meeting on October 10th with the ultimate goal of having a plan in place to start work on storm water improvements on January first of next year.