Sexually Violent Predator Moving In

Sex Offender
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If you live in the Cimarron Hills Neighborhood, El Paso County Sheriff's Officials say be warned-- a sexually violent predator is about to move in. William Rose will be released from prison September 10, at which time he will move into 1466 Hathaway Drive. Sheriff's officials are holding a meeting Wednesday night to inform neighbors about Rose, as they do in all neighborhoods where sexually violent predators are about to move in. Rose's wife Gail Rose says she plans to attend but not to warn neighbors-- she says her goal is to put their minds at ease.
"He (William Rose) is not a danger to this community," said Gail Rose, "and I want to let everyone to know this."
Gail Rose says alcohol has made her husband a bigger threat to himself than to others. She hopes that message will contrast the warning from Sheriff's officials that William Rose is a sexually violent predator. Neighbors like John Wichers take the label seriously.
"It's a little scary knowing he (Rose) is moving in right across the street," said Wichers.
Wichers and others received a letter from the Sheriff's Office inviting them to the meeting, which Wichers plans to attend.
"I'm going to find out what he (Rose) has done, how many times he's done it and if he has a high risk of re-offending."
Gail Rose says a night of drinking and domestic abuse is why her husband of 22 years has spent the last 5 in prison. Rose says the incident also brought new light to a rape charge from years before, a charge her husband denies. She says that's why William Rose refused to take certain classes in prison, despite warnings he'd be labeled a sexually violent predator if he didn't.
"Law enforcement says do it this way or you'll get this label," said Rose. "He's not a violent sexual predator, he's an alcoholic, his problem is between him and I."
And now an entire community, as neighbors say they still want to be informed. The meeting will be held Wednesday night at Horizon Middle School at 7:00 PM and is open to the public.