Dead Body Found

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A suspicious death near Monument leaves sheriff's deputies searching for answers. Around 11 a.m. Monday, they were called to the 1000 block of Carnahan Court, where the dead body was discovered.

Alice O’Connor lives in the quiet, well to do neighborhood. “I'm nervous, scared, and now I’m hearing rumors.” Rumors of what possibly could have happened to her 47-year-old neighbor.

While deputies were investigating, a car drove right up to the house. Sgt. Jim Groth with the sheriff’s office said, “The car stopped, then slowed down, and then sped off. It was suspicious.”

That's when deputies began searching for that car, which led them to this house less than a mile down the road. Six people inside the house refused to come out, but after about two hours, the stand-off ended peacefully and all six people were taken in for questioning.

The sheriff's office hasn't said if those six people have anything to do with this suspicious death. The autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday morning.