National "Do Not Call" List

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People across the country are jamming the phone lines---trying to get on the national "Do Not Call" list. But it's causing some confusion among Coloradans, who are already used to the idea of a legal "block" for telemarketers.

Here's the straight scoop: If you're signed up on the "Colorado No Call" list, you're already covered and do not need to sign up on the national version.

The new national website is only hours old and already is overloaded. An estimated 635,000 folks across the country registered by 2:30 Friday afternoon.

The national Do Not Call list works the same as Colorado's, which has been in use for a year now. It allows you to register your phone number so that telemarketers will be banned from calling you. If they violate the order, the companies could be slapped with a hefty fine. President Bush says, those who sign up on the list won't be bothered by strangers making a sales pitch. "Unwanted telemarketing calls are intrusive, they are annoying, and they're all too common," he says.

Colorado residents don't need to do anything, if they're already registered on the "Colorado No Call" list. That's because their numbers will automatically be forwarded to the national list.

And Colorado's law has more teeth in it than the federal one---letting consumers sue law-breaking telemarketers in small claims court. "The other difference is the federal no call law---if there's a violation, the federal government can take action. They also leave it up to the state attorneys general, but in order to enforce it, they have to go to federal court," says Ken Lane, Colorado Deputy Attorney General.

Right now cellular phones are not on the Colorado No Call list, but they will be included starting July 1st.

If you haven't registered your phone, we suggest you do so though the Colorado list:
Click here for more on the Colorado No Call list.