D-70 Superintendent Settles with School Board

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The superintendent of District 70 has officially resigned. Dr. Stuart Yager will end his ties with the district on July 1st.

Last month, Yager was arrested on a drunk driving charge. His 11 year old daughter and another girl were injured in the accident. Two weeks ago, the D-70 board asked Yager to resign. Since then, attorneys for the district and Yager have been negotiating a settlement. And on Friday, the board approved the deal in a four-to-one vote.

The district will pay him just over $37,000 as part of the settlement to buy out his contract through June. That money includes his vacation and sick pay and comp time. "We really just looked at items due to any employee leaving our district that we would have done some compensation," said board president Debbie Rose.

But one board member disagreed with the decision. Jan Zoneeveld believes Yager should have been allowed to stay. "This man is obviously innocent, though he has a cloud over his head. He has not been proven guilty"

In May, Yager was arrested and charged with driving under the influence, vehicular assault, child abuse resulting in serious bodily injury, and leaving the scene of an accident. According to authorities, Yager was driving drunk with his daughter and another girl in the back of his pick-up. The girls were thrown out and needed immediate medical attention. They say Yager did not take them to the hospital .. He dropped them off at home. Officers arrested him several hours later.

Now that Yager has resigned as superintendent, the district will look for his replacement. The board plans to hire an interim superintendent before school starts again. And a permanent replacement should be in place for the following school year.

Stuart Yager has plenty of legal problems ahead of him. His criminal defense attorney was in court Friday morning for a pre-trial conference. Another court date was set for next month.