New Class Arrives at AFA

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Some big changes for the new cadets at the Air Force Academy. Not only new haircuts, but also a new kind of welcome.

The class of 2007 entered the academy on Thursday. They're the first class since the controversial sexual assault scandal came to light. And their introduction was "kinder and more gentle" than in years past. But parents and cadets alike say, they're confident those problems are in the past. Nearly 1300 young men and women are in this class at the Air Force Academy.

It's a day of nerves. "Today I'm not so worried about. The next six weeks is what I'm worried about," said one new cadet. And a time to say goodbyes. "I'm pretty glad I didn't bring my parents. I might have been a little too emotional to keep a straight face," said another cadet.

This class will be different in some important ways. It's the first class since the sex assault scandal broke. And they did not have to endure much of the "break them down and rebuild them" concepts of the past. Air Force officials are calling this a kinder, gentler Air Force Academy.

These cadets were well aware of the sex assault scandal before they got here.
"I've been assured that the problem is fixed. That there's nothing to be worried about here." Despite the allegations, this new cadet says she feels safe. "Everybody is watching the Air Force Academy, so in that sense we're going to have more protection--- probably than any other one of the military academies."

The new cadets will be trained on the policies regarding sexual assault. But academy officials say they've always done that.