Baby Found

Amber Alert
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Denver police say a two-week-old baby abducted
Tuesday has been found, and is safely back with his mother.

Police say Mauro Ramirez-Soria was taken from his mother by a
woman posing as a church worker. The mother, her son and the woman were in a minivan at an auto parts store when the mother went in to get the drinks.
Police say the suspect drove off with the child.

Dozens of officers fanned out across the city following more
than 300 leads generated after an Amber Alert was issued.

Denver police chief Gerry Whitman say the recovery of the child
came directly as a result of an Amber Alert tip that came in.

He says a suspect in is custody for questioning -- but declined
to release other details.

He says the baby was checked out at the hospital -- and, in his
words, ``looks good.''