Water Restrictions

Water Restrictions
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The ban on mid-summer sod permits, and the ban on watering trees and shrubs with a hose.

Springs residents can now apply for a sod permit at anytime. Beginning July second, they can use a hose to water trees, shrubs and gardens.

Three months ago, when the state was just entering its rainy season, City Council voted to ban sod permits July 15th through August 15th. Reservoirs are still short of normal levels by about 25 percent, but Council believes year round permits and hose watering will impact less than one percent of the cities water supply.

Council members are confident that people who live in the Springs will continue to conserve, despite the loosening of water restrictions.

All hoses must have a positive shut-off valve. That way it's pressure activated, and you won't waste water if you walk away from it.