Two Cars For The Price of One

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There are some amazing shopping deals out there right now, but perhaps this one is like no other. The Phil Long Hyundai Dealership of Chapel Hills has a BOGO sale going on, buy one car and get the other one for $1.

You might say it sounds too good to be true, but there are signs everywhere saying so.

The two questions you might be asking yourself, is there a catch and how could they afford to do it?

"You always think, well, what's the catch? There's not a real big catch," said Mick Flynn who is the Phil Long Hyundai General Sales Manager.

"It was literally $1," said David Lee who bought one car & got the other for $1.

So, if there's no catch then how can Phil Long afford it? Flynn says it all came down to this. "How can we help the general public and how do we help ourselves move vehicles?" said Flynn. He says everybody wins with this deal.

The Lee family says the second they heard about what was happening at the Phil Long Hyundai Dealership of Chapel Hills they knew they had to at least check it out. They say they did it for their family's sake. "My mother-in- law, Rita's mom, is on a fixed income and had a car payment. So by being able to do this we can get her a newer vehicle and relieve her of her car payment," said David Lee.

Times are tough and it's deals like this one people are looking for.

Flynn says they've already gone through close to 20 special deals, meaning they've already sold close to 20 cars for 100-pennies.

The offer is good on the Entourage, Santa Fe and Veracruz models.

Flynn says they plan to extend this deal at least through the first week of December.