Snooze Pods

A company 11 News first told you about last August, is hoping to help sleepy drivers this Memorial Day weekend. The company is called That's Snooze to Me and they've set up a portable nap pod in Pueblo.

The idea behind the "snooze pods" is to make the roadways a little safer by having rested drivers. A study by the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration shows 1.2 million Americans fall asleep at the wheeel each year.

With the nap pods, Karen Rend says people can pull of the road and stay for just an hour instead of having to stay all night at a hotel or sleeping in the car on the side of the road.

It costs $5 to take an hour long nap at the facility.

Rend says she hopes the sleep pods will start becoming a common sight at restaurants and convenience stores. State Troopers say they hope it will make their job a little easier.

This Memorial Day weekend, people can stop and try the pods out for free. They're located at the corner of Elizabeth and I-25.