Crowded Animal Shelter

The Teller County animal shelter is looking for people to adopt many of their animals to relieve their extreme overcrowding.

Right now, there's a waiting list 10 dogs deep to get into the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter. According to the shelter's executive director, a major reason for the overcrowding is because of a rash of recent drug busts where pets are taken from the home. The problem is, many times the animal can't be put up for adoption until the suspect's court case is resolved. The other trouble with the animals taken as a result of the drug busts, is many of them, especially those who have lived in a house where there's a methamphetamine lab, are brain damaged.

The overcrowding has forced the shelter to put animals in a makeshift kennel which is now full as well. Because the Teller County Shelter is a no-kill shelter, the animals will be there until they are adopted or given to a rescue organization.