Redistricting Lawsuit

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The Colorado Secretary of State petitioned the state Supreme Court Wednesday -- seeking to halt the Colorado Attorney General from pursuing a complaint over a congressional redistricting law.

Secretary of State Donetta Davidson filed a Writ of Injunction
and says the move was made because of the unusual circumstances
that have developed.

After the Republican-controlled Colorado Legislature this month
approved a redistricting law and it was signed by Governor Owens --
Attorney General Ken Salazar -- a Democrat -- petitioned the state
Supreme Court for a ruling on whether that was legal.

That in effect was a lawsuit against the Secretary of State --
but Davidson's petition pointed out that the Secretary of State by
law is a client of the Attorney General.

In fact -- Davidson says because an earlier lawsuit was filed in
Denver over the redistricting -- the law requires the Attorney
General to represent the Secretary of State.

Davidson says allowing Salazar's complaint to move forward would
set a precedent that the Attorney General could refuse to represent
his clients and then sue them.