Virginia Execution

The state of Virginia has executed a man who stabbed a fellow inmate to death during a pagan religious ceremony.

Michael Lenz had no final words before the lethal drugs were injected Thursday night.

Lenz and another inmate, Jeffrey Remington, were sentenced to death in 2000 for stabbing 41-year-old Brent Parker a combined 68 times with makeshift knives.

The three were followers of the Nordic pagan religion, Asatru, and belonged to a group known as the Ironwood Kindred.

The group was gathered for a ceremony when Lenz and Remington attacked Parker at the foot of a makeshift altar.

Lenz testified that Parker had not been taking the religion seriously, and to protect the honor of the gods, Parker had to be punished.

The U.S. Supreme Court rejected Lenz's appeals and Virginia Governor Timothy Kaine denied his request for clemency.