Yates Found Not Guilty

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Her ex-husband calls it "a miracle" that Andrea Yates has been found not guilty by reason of insanity in the drownings of their children.

Rusty Yates and his mother were both in tears as the verdict came in. Even the defense lawyers cried.

Andrea Yates showed little emotion as she stood to hear the jury's decision. But when the judge in the Houston courtroom announced the proceedings were over, Yates and her ex-husband hugged her lawyers.

Not everyone sees reason to celebrate. The prosecutor says she's disappointed after five years of trying to "seek justice for these children." She's urging people not to forget them.

Although five children were drowned in the bathtub, Yates was on trial for just three of the killings. She was convicted of murder in 2002, but that was later overturned. Today's verdict means she goes to a mental hospital, rather than to prison for life.