Stranger Danger

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Some Colorado Springs neighbors are concerned about a man who's been hanging around an east-side park. They're worried he's looking to prey on children, so they're getting out the word.

The neighborhood is called Indigo Ranch---it's near Stetson Hills and Peterson Road. Colorado Springs Police have stepped up patrols in this new neighborhood, and they don't want people to be scared---just alert.

The man's strange behavior around this community park in Stetson Hills has parents worried. "It looked like he was going to approach my daughter, so I came out and told her it was time to come in, not certain as to what he was doing. Seen him a couple of times since," says one parent. She says he's been driving by the park, slowing down, and watching the children.

This man's description doesn't make him stand out in a crowd, but those who've heard him, say he has a very deep voice. This person has not committed any crimes. But police would like people to get the license plate on his two-door white car. It's possibly a 1980's model Ford Mustang. Officers just want to try to talk to him to try to prevent something from happening.

The community got the word out through email, and Colorado Springs Police has also posted something on the "community alert" part of its web page. Here, you may find things going on in your neighborhood that you wouldn't necessary see on the news.

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Colorado Springs police say is very important to make sure your child knows what to do when approached by a stranger. And, officers say, don't just tell your child what to do---do some role-playing. Act out the responses. That way, the action becomes more automatic when a child is panicked and needs to react.