Colorado Gets Meth Task Force

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Colorado has a new task force to help fight the meth problem. Authorities say the drug is plaguing the entire state and there should be more cooperation in combating it. State lawmakers voted to set up the task force during their last regular session. Tuesday, the task force got a jump start in the form of a $50,000 grant from the El Pomar Foundation. Authorities in El Paso County hope this task force will help develop treatment programs. Sheriff Terry Maketa says while the face of the meth problem has changed here, the effects are still the same. Maketa also says treatment is still the key.
"This community is really lacking in treatment for all kinds of abuse," said Maketa. "There are people who have reached out who are addicted to meth who want to make a lifestyle change."
Maketa says the number of meth labs in El Paso County is down 60 percent from 2 years ago, but the impact of the drug is higher than ever thanks to meth imported from Mexico.
"The physical impact of adictiveness and behavior associated with meth is unlike anything we've seen in history."
The Pueblo County Sheriff's Office says the meth problem is also prevalent there, mostly in the form of property and identity theft.