John Martin Reservoir Drying Up

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The states second largest reservoir has dropped to less than one percent of it's capacity, bad news for farmers who use the John Martin Reservoir to irrigate in the summer.

According to Mark Stark from the Army Corps of Engineers, the reservoir is at it's lowest point in almost thirty years, with maybe a foot of water over the silt. Boat ramps are dry, and the floating docks have nothing to float on. Just six years ago the water stretched more than ten miles. The depth has dropped 75 feet since 2000, and the water spans less than half a mile now, only 3,000 acre feet. It's capacity is 342,000 acre feet, and Stark says there is a potential for it to go completely dry. With temperatures reaching 100 degree or more, the reservoir can lose as much as 100 acre feet per day to evaporation.