Local Family Returns from Lebanon

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A much-anticipated welcome home party took place in the lobby of Denver International Airport.

George and Ghassan Nehme's family arrived Monday, making for some tense minutes as their plane taxied on the runway.

"I was just trying to get that clock to move just a hair faster," said Ghassan.

But the wait is the end of more than a week's worth of sleepless nights, and finally the first hugs in more than two months and the first real relief.

The Nehme's parents are home from Lebanon, so are Ghassan's sons, Ghassan and Christian.

“I missed you, I love you,” Ghassan told his oldest son.

This reunion is the end of a vacation extended by a few scary days. The boys traveled with their grandpa Salim and grandma Fahda on a risky road through Damascus to Jordan, witnessing explosions sometimes only feet away.

"We were worried about the kids the whole time," said Fahda.

But the reward is getting everyone home safe.

"We thanked God, we are back safe and that's it," Salim said.

"This is just a big weight off all our shoulders," agreed George.

When asked about how it feels to be back in Colorado, young Ghassan replied, “It’s awesome," with tears in his eyes.

With the hardest part of their journey behind them, the next stop is Colorado Springs, a family back in each others arms.

"We're going to just squeeze together tonight and just do nothing," said the boys’ mother, Julie.

Most of the Nehme family visiting Lebanon are back home in the United States, the remaining few are in turkey, bound to get home in the next few days.