Mountain Lion Sighting

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Another mountain lion sighting in Colorado Springs. It's the second in the city limits within three days. This time, a cat was spotted by business owners in the southwest part of the city Monday morning. she showed up later on West Cheyenne Road and Cascade.

The Division of Wildlife believes the cat wandered down from Cheyenne Canyon. When we found the mountain lion under a bridge, her big eyes stared down the camera. The cat's beauty, yet danger, intrigues neighbors. Joe Lorenz, a neighbor said what goes through his mind is "Fear, they’re so quick."
The cat was first spotted by Becca Taylor and Jean Daniel, who were sitting outside their business this morning. Taylor said, "Oh my gosh, it was a mountain lion, go in, call police.” Apparently, the cat was looking for a home and some food, wandering up and down this creek. "I was trying to get a picture, then she looked up at me, which was enough for me."

The Division of Wildlife arrived to take a look at the napping cat. They said it's not unusual for a mountain lion to be in this area and normally, they'd let the cat be, but this case is different. Albert Romero with the D.O.W. said, "After looking at it, how emaciated it is, we determined not going to live much longer on own." The D.O.W. said she only weighed about 35 pounds, half of what she should weigh. They are forced to put her down. Those who saw her first-hand are saddened, but know that the mountain lion was just too sick to survive.

The cat will now be taken to a wildlife lab to determine what was wrong with her.

As a reminder, don't approach a mountain lion if you see one. Calmly walk away, never turning your back on it and call police.