D-70 Superintendent Suspended

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The District 70 school board has decided to take action against its superintendent, Dr. Stuart Yager, after what's suspected to be a drunk driving accident. Both Yager's daughter, and her friend were injured in the accident.

Authorities now say, they believe Yager's blood alcohol level was over the legal limit at the time of the accident. When he was given a breathalyzer nearly five hours after the incident, Yager's BAC was still above the legal limit.

Yager was charged with several counts, including: DUI, child abuse, and failing to report an accident to authorities. Sheriff's deputies say Yager was driving his truck with his 11 year old daughter and her friend standing up in the bed of the vehicle. One witness says the truck hit a bump, throwing the girls out. Dr. Yager allegedly then, took his daughter home and dropped the other girl off. The girls weren't taken to the hospital until later.

Both girls suffered road rash and head injuries along with numerous scrapes and bruises.

Member's of D-70's board met early Monday morning to discuss the situation. Most of the board's members say the incident has them in shock. And they add, Dr. Yager is a great person, caught in a terrible situation.

Dr. Yager was released from jail Sunday evening on $25,000 bond.

The D-70 Board is conducting its own investigation. They're expected to decide sometime next month whether Yager will keep his position as superintendent.

Dr. Yager has not commented on the incident.