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By the time it's complete, you'll have three lanes of Interstate 25 in both directions.

But getting through COSMIX now means putting up with lane closures and cone-zones for another year and then some.

The project is almost to the halfway point. With only some minor exceptions, COSMIX is on schedule.

One of the biggest parts, replacing the Bijou interchange, is in the early stages.

Crews have demolished a building to make room for the project.

Trucks moving rubble from the scene could cause some minor traffic snags, but major work will likely get the go-ahead around September.

In the meantime, look for active construction and more congestion under the highway on Mark Dabling. It will be shut down to one lane until Friday of next week. Traffic controllers will help move cars through the area as construction continues on overhead bridges."

On the highway, expect more of the same.
The off-ramp at Corporate Center is still closed. The Rockrimmon ramp is also under construction. Both should be available at the end of the month.

And paving continues on I-25 making the transition to three lanes in both directions slowly, but surely.

One other closure is coming up. Northbound I-25 ramp at north Nevada will close Tuesday starting 8:30 that night and re-opening at five-o'clock Wednesday morning.

Looking at the long term, the entire COSMIX project is still slated for completion at the end of 2007.