D-70 Superintendent Arrested

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District 70 superintendent, Stuart Yager is facing charges after getting into an auto accident.

Yager was apparently driving to his home with his 11-year-old daughter and her friend in the truck, when the vehicle was involved in an accident near Northern Plains Camp Ground in Lake Pueblo State Park.

Witnesses say the two young girls were not properly strapped into the truck. One victim, and a witness both say the girls were standing or dancing in the bed of the truck when it hit a bump, and tossed both girls out of the truck, onto the road.

Police say after the accident, Mr. Yager took his daughter home, and then dropped her friend off at a neighbor's house, and left. Mrs. Yager took her daughter to Parkview Hospital after the other girl's parents picked her up.

One of the girls suffered a skull fracture, road rash, and multiple bruises. The other also has road rash, head lacerations and a possible head injury.

Officials say they believe alcohol was involved in the incident. Mr. Yager was arrested for DUI, child abuse, vehicular assault and failure to report an accident.

He was released on bond early Sunday evening.