Hurricane Katrina Hospital Deaths

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Louisiana authorities are making it clear. As far as they're concerned, what a hospital doctor and two nurses allegedly did after Hurricane Katrina wasn't mercy killing or euthanasia. They consider it murder.

All three worked at Memorial Medical Center, which was cut off by flooding after Katrina hit. The hospital had no power, sending the temperature inside past 100 degrees. Patients waited four days to be evacuated, and during that time at least 34 died.

There were rumors of euthanasia to ease the suffering of some patients, and that led Louisiana's attorney general to investigate. He's now charging the doctor and the nurses with four counts each.

When the bodies were initially recovered, the coroner said they were so badly decomposed the cause of death could only be listed as "Katrina-related." But he later revealed that samples had been taken from patients who died at various hospitals and nursing homes to test for possibly lethal doses of drugs like morphine.