Taking A Vacation? Crooks May Target Your Home

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Drawers are emptied and clothes are all over the floor… Van Kolb's master bedroom is completely ransacked. In the kitchen, wheat flour is thrown all over the floor and important bank statements lie amongst the mess. “We had an open refrigerator and the freezer was left open. Everything defrosted,” Van said.

Van and his wife, Ruby were only gone on vacation for a few weeks. Their daughter was keeping an eye on the house on Jetwing Circle when on Saturday, she walked in to find this destruction. The Kolbs cut their vacation short to come home. “We lived here 29 years, and couldn't dreamt of this," Ruby said.

Neighbors reported seeing 2 teenage boys at the home on Saturday around 1pm. They thought it was the homeowners' grandkids stopping by, but it turns out, the house was getting burglarized. Springs Police said, when you’re on vacation, that’s the perfect time for burglars to hit.

Van suspects the burglars got inside by using a screwdriver to jimmy the basement door open. The Kolbs say not only was their house destroyed and their truck stolen, so was their sense of security. "That's all gone… I’m just mad, mad…that's how I feel now."

The Kolbs said they're going to install a security system.

If you're going on a vacation, here are a few tips. Have a neighbor place your garbage can at the curb on the normal pick-up day. Also, ask a neighbor to occasionally park in your driveway.