The southern Beirut neighborhood where Hezbollah has its headquarters is once again the target of Israeli bombers.

The blasts today have shaken the Lebanese capital.

The neighborhood where members of the militant group live and work and operate, clinics, schools and social clubs has been destroyed by repeated airstrikes over the past few days.

Earlier today Israeli warplanes attacked Beirut's infrastructure.

The port was struck, just hours before a French ship was due to arrive to evacuate Europeans, as were several fuel storage tanks.

Hezbollah retaliated by firing rockets farther south into Israel than ever before, south of Haifa.

The continuing warfare has prompted Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair and UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to urge the deployment of an international force to stop Hezbollah's bombardment of Israel and to persuade the Jewish state to stop its retaliatory attacks on Hezbollah.

The European Union says it's considering the deployment of a peacekeeping force.