Local Family Trapped in Lebanon

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A vacation for a local Lebanese-American family is now a nightmare.
They're trapped in Lebanon and trying to get out.

Their loved ones still here at home wonder when they'll see their family reunited.

The vacationers were supposed to get home next week, but now they're not sure. All plans flew out the window when bullets and rockets started flying.

George Nehme is trying hard not to worry.

It's not always easy, when ten of his extended family, including mom and dad are trapped in Lebanon.

"They're hearing bombs, they're hearing jets going right over them there," he said.

Those relatives are miles north of a deadly fight, but still, way too close.

"You just never know when a strike happens,” said George. “A bullet or a missile doesn't know who's who."

George’s parents moved the family from Lebanon to Colorado Springs in the mid-seventies to get away from a civil war. These days Salim Nehme and his wife like to go back, and this time their grandsons, Ghassan and Christian are there too.

"We got to hear their voices. There's no fear in their voices,” said the boy’s father Ghassan.

He and his wife Julie are losing sleep at night for their boy’s safety and that of everyone caught off-guard by the battle.

"You got to understand it's not just our family,” said Ghassan. “There's 25 thousand other Americans we're hoping get out safely."

In the meantime, they can do little but wait.

"Those are the long hours that we're staying up late and getting up early to talk to them," said Ghassan.

And when the phone calls don't connect George and his brother take news from whatever source they can get as they hope and pray for the best.

"I know they'll be back,” said George. “We just have to be strong about it."

Their parents have contacted the U-S Embassy in Lebanon, and expect to find a way out, likely with U-S forces, which will transport them to Cyprus, where they can get a flight home.

There's still no word on how long that process will take.