High-Speed Chase In Colorado Springs

Police say they arrested a suspect after a wild high-speed chase through the city last night.

A Colorado Springs police officer was driving on Barnes road, headed toward Powers, when he observed a midsized white SUV, driving erratically in the same direction, leaving the parking lot of Rhinos bar.

The officer pulled over the vehicle and asked the male driver for drivers license, registration and proof of insurance.

A female passenger gave the vehicle registration and insurance forms to the officer. When the officer asked the driver again for a driver's license, the man took off from the scene.

A chase ensued in the area of Barnes and Powers. The pursuit lasted less than one minute and covered a distance of slightly more than two miles.

The CSPD Air One was called to the chase and spotted the vehicle in the area of Marksheffel and Dublin until the suspect ditched the vehicle and took off on foot.

Officers chased the suspect on foot and Tasering him in the 8800 block of Rory Creek Street.

Michael Jackson, 25, was arrested. Jackson was arrested as a habitual traffic offender for felony eluding and DUI. The female occupant of the car was his girlfriend, she was un-injured and was the owner of the car.