Carnival Ride Malfunctions: Injures Riders

A carnival ride at the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo malfunctioned around 9:00 Saturday night. Several passengers were sent to the hospital.

A spokesperson with the Colorado Springs Fire Department said the problem happened on the High Roller ride, a machine with individual cars that ride on a rotating track.

Officials report some bolts came loose in the rigging as the ride was in motion, causing the track to drop past a determined clearance level bringing the ride to a screeching stop. The six passengers on board were jarred with a force about the same as experiencing a car accident at 50 miles per hour.

The High Roller compartments are heavily padded. Officials said there were no obvious injuries to the passengers, but four were taken to Memorial Hospital for observations.

Operators of the carnival shut down all activities for Saturday night. At least two inspectors will investigate the accident.

There is no word if the carnival will re-open for the remainder of the rodeo.