Is Smoking Ban Putting Out Business?

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It's been 2 weeks since Colorado's state-wide smoking ban took effect and some bar owners say it's starting to make a difference in their business. The Robin Hood Pub on North Nevada Avenue has an outdoor patio for smokers, but says bartender Vickii Medford, even so, business has been down.
"I'll have 13 people at the bar and all 13 will be here on the patio-- none will be in the bar," said Medford.
Medford says she's grateful for the business the patio does bring, but says she fears it will drop even more once the cold weather sets in. At The Thirsty Parrot downtown, bartender Nicole Vatelli says business hasn't dropped at all since the ban, and going outside to smoke has actually become a social event.
"I've even seen non-smokers coming out with the smokers just to stand outside," said Vatelli.
Employees at several bars say they're concerned about their smoking customers and how they'll deal once winter and colder weather.
"A lot of the smokers who'll be going out to smoke... a lot of those people will be getting sick which is going to spread to other people," said Medford.