Beer Executive Pete Coors Loses License for DUI Arrest

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A hearing officer revoked the driving license of beer baron Peter Coors after the executive was arrested for driving drunk after attending a wedding celebration.

The revocation decision followed two and a half hours of testimony Friday. Garber ruled that the 59-year-old did not stop at a stop sign and was driving impaired on May 28.

Coors said he drank a beer about 30 minutes before leaving the wedding. "I didn't think I was impaired, otherwise I wouldn't have been driving," Coors told the Rocky Mountain News. Coors also said he thought he "did a good job" of taking the heel-to-toe walking test in the dark.

He was given two breath tests. The first registered .073, and the second, 20 minutes later, registered 0.088. The legal limit in Colorado is 0.05.

In a prepared statement, Coors said he made a mistake and should have planned ahead. He said his company's message is to not drink and drive.

The citation was issued as Coors drove his Jaguar home and by the time he got out of the car he was in his driveway in Golden, the longtime home of the company.

He faces a July 20 arraignment and has 30 days to appeal his revocation.

Coors took over as president of his family's company in 1987 and in 2000 was named chief executive of the brewer with 85,000 employees and 4 billion dollars in sales in 2003.