Forest Service to rule on appeals to ski village road decision

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The U.S. Forest Service has scheduled an announcement Friday on whether officials will reverse or modify a decision allowing new roads at the rustic Wolf Creek ski resort in southwestern Colorado.
The Forest Service in April approved the construction of two short roads in the Rio Grande National Forest for access to the proposed Village at Wolf Creek. That development could eventually include nearly a 250,000 square feet of commercial space and housing for up to 10,500 people.
Supporters and opponents of the development appealed the decision on the roads. Regional Forester Rick Cables says he'll announce his decision on the appeals Friday.
Opponents say in three separate appeals that the Forest Service underestimated the environmental effects of the project and that it was improperly influenced by the developer.
The developer says the decision unfairly requires it to build a 750-foot road for about $12,000,000, when a shorter extension of an existing road would be cheaper and have less environmental impact.