Ditch Playing In Ditches

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An autopsy is scheduled for Monday for the man found dead yesterday in Monument Creek. Colorado Springs Police say 61-year-old David Simpleman's death may have been accidental. They are trying to figure out just how he got into the rushing waters.

News of this man's death certainly hit home for one family. Exactly one year ago, the Graef family lost their teenage son, Tucker when he drowned in a drainage culvert.

She says during this past week, she's been reflecting. “I was dealing with the rain, but it keeps coming and coming and yesterday, it was too much for me.”

Too much, she says, because another man's body is discovered Saturday in the rushing waters of Monument Creek. Reasons like that is exactly why Kathleen has been talking to city council and would like fences put up around drainage ditches to keep everyone out.

She also wants grates put in front of tunnels, in case someone falls in, they might have a chance to survive... the chance Tucker never got.

As she clings to her necklace, she shows us the star locket. It has some of Tucker’s ashes inside. A mourning mother has turned her pain into a crusade to make drainage ditches and creeks safer, so no other parent has to go through what she's endured.

Mayor Lionel Rivera said the city is exploring the idea of putting up fences at drainage ditches.